python-mpd2 Documentation

python-mpd2 is a Python library which provides a client interface for the Music Player Daemon.

Difference with python-mpd

python-mpd2 is a fork of python-mpd. While 0.4.x was backwards compatible with python-mpd, starting with 0.5 provides enhanced features which are NOT backward compatibles with the original python-mpd package. See Porting for more information.

The following features were added:

  • Python 3 support (but you need at least Python 2.7 or 3.4)
  • asyncio/twisted support
  • support for the client-to-client protocol
  • support for new commands from MPD v0.17 (seekcur, prio, prioid, config, searchadd, searchaddpl) and MPD v0.18 (readcomments, toggleoutput)
  • remove deprecated commands (volume)
  • explicitly declared MPD commands (which is handy when using for example IPython)
  • a test suite
  • API documentation to add new commands (see Future Compatible)
  • support for Unicode strings in all commands (optionally in python2, default in python3 - see Unicode Handling)
  • configurable timeouts
  • support for logging
  • improved support for sticker
  • improved support for ranges

Getting Started

A quick guide for getting started python-mpd2:

Command Reference

A complete list of all available commands: